Organic Juice cleanse, not necessarily the best idea I’ve ever had…..

I’ve been following a cold press organic Juice company for several months now on Instagram. While traveling this last week, I decided I was going to buy the 3 day cleanse and start it prior to me starting my whole30. I have been binge eating myself through 2 holidays and lots and lots of sugar laden, fat fried, junk food, so I figured a juice cleanse would make my detox process a tab bit easier. Day one of the juice cleanse wasn’t so bad. I am not a huge fan of beets, so getting through the 2 that contained them was rough, however the other 4 were tolerable. Now, Day two (today) is a totally different story. I refused to drink the two red drinks, So by 5pm I had only consumed 2 of the 6 juices. Feeling pretty crappy, laying on the couch thinking about sour cream and onion potato chips (thanks to my husband)  I forced myself to drink 2 more. By now I was already feeling the effects of the cleanse, and because I had committed to starting my whole30 with my husband tomorrow I’m going to calk it up as a loss and move forward with my whole30 tomorrow too. Being the juices are all whole30 complaint, my husband is going to take a few of the drinks and I will drink the one I really like, so there wont be too much loss.

Now onto my whole30 prep:

I got a corned beef brisket from costco. I put it in a large pot covered with water and cooked it for about 3 hours. My plan for this brisket is to feed my hubby tonight and cut the rest up for hash and fried eggs for breakfast the next few days.

I also hard boiled a few eggs, made a double batch of homemade mayo, made tuna boats (for lunch tomorrow) and chopped some veggies. pic2

This is the type of corned beef I buy. It contains a seasoning packet and is very easy to cook.


Tuna boats contain two cans of tuna, 2 stalks of celery, half of an onion, some flavor god seasoning, dill and homemade mayonnaise. I put the tuna in mini yellow and red bell peppers. Yum!

I am totally looking forward to starting my January Whole30. Hopefully you all are as excited as I am..


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