Mom of the year (or not)

I woke up starving.

Maybe because of the two day organic juice cleanse? Or because I knew I had corned beef hash waiting for my breakfast? I portion everything out into zip lock baggies for quick meals. Just warm it in a pan with avocado oil and fry two eggs to your liking. You could even do it as a scramble and only dirty one pan.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150105 221414

I was on a mission to de-Christmas my house today. I had been working to take down the tree, clean up the decorations and manage the little guy all at the same time. All while totally forgetting my oldest needed to be picked up and dropped off at the school for dance practice (fail) I also totally managed to forget to eat my second meal for the day. Apparently the hash and eggs were sustaining enough (win). I threw myself together a small plate of tuna (which I prepared last night) in a mini yellow bell pepper, a few slices of celery and some pommelo, all around 2pm. Thankfully I had the tuna preped and ready to go. Those are the moments you are glad for the night before perpetration.

evernote pics

Last night I also started marinating some chicken thighs using the lemon pepper marinade from one of my favorite Paleo bloggers

I had originally planned on making a green salad with homemade ranch but spaced getting the lettuce while I was shopping yesterday. Had to cook up some green beans instead. So glad I did though, because they were the best darn green beans I’ve ever consumed. I pared them with cherry tomatoes and sliced almonds. Honestly its a must try!

Evernote Camera Roll 20150105 221414 (1)

Oh and do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of Franks red hot sauce. Its whole30 approved and totally yummy. I put it on eggs or avocado… anything really. And before I forget on the avocado front, its really important to get enough healthy fats in you, so I make sure to eat at least a half of an avocado a day. A full avocado on the days im really struggle.

Day 1 done with minimal effort thanks to prepping on the weekend. Its a must and a total time saver!

Even though I didn’t win mom of the year today, I did accomplish everything on my to-do list (plus fighting with ants in my laundry room grrr). I was able to sit down at the end of the night and watch my favorite movie, while snuggling with my dog and boys. Cant quite complain about that day.

Much Love!


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