I wont let spoiled snow peas ruin my day!

I woke up starving again today. Made the baby and I similar breakfast plates to yesterday. Corned beef hash with mixed bell peppers, red potatoes and 2 fried eggs. I have a load of corned beef left, so I imagine Ill be eating it for breakfast the rest of the week as I’m trying to waist very little. Next week ill introduce you to Chia pudding yum!

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Once again, this meal sustained me until close to 2pm. When we shared some tuna with celery stalks and plantain chips.

It was warm in California today so we took a trip to the park. I am amazed every day at how much my little guy is growing. He can tell me what he wants and doesn’t want. He can climb up to the slide and go down on his own (sad face) and can also throw a fit when he doesn’t want to go home for a nap. I am so blessed to be able to be here every second of it. The joys of parenthood!

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As it was approaching dinner time, I looked at my meal plan. Today was suppose to be a recipe I saw on Instagram. It included ground beef, ground pork, snow peas, cabbage with sesame oil and sesame seeds. As I was getting all the ingredients out of the fridge, I noticed my snow peas (which I just bought on Sunday) were already spoiled. Had to come up with a different game plan. I knew I still wanted to do cabbage and I remembered the recipe http://www.nomnompaleo.com shared that had ground beef and curry in it, so I did a version of curried cabbage sans the ground beef. Then I came up with a Thai inspired meat ball recipe with ground beef and pork. I put the whole rainbow in these meatballs. I put coconut aminos and coconut vinegar (which says is better for you then apple cider vinegar?). With ground ginger, parsley, cilantro, mixed bell peppers, chili flakes, ground garlic, green onion, sesame oil, curry powder, salt and eggs.

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It turned out pretty good for not following any particular recipe. The kids seemed to like it even though they brought the ketchup and BBQ sauce bottles out for dip. My husband said it was good, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t put this meal in rotation. It was definitely flavorful, just not menu worthy.

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Whole30 day 2 on the books. I’m not feeling much detox going on. I’m thinking the juice cleanse helped with that. Hoping the next few days comes as easy to me!

I did ponder a bit on my news year resolution today. I usually make one and keep it for a few weeks. (One year I made a resolution to run 3 full marathons in a year, which I accomplished.. I know over achiever. However that was like 5 years ago ha!) This year I’ve decided I am not going to try to achieve one thing like running so many miles, or focus on many things like being healthy and losing weight. This year I have decided I am going to work on self acceptance. I don’t exactly know how I am going to accomplish that. But I am going to start by realizing I am worthy of it.

Cheers to a year of accepting myself, as I am. No matter what!


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