Whole30 Week 2 Meal plan and prep

On the whole30 website they share a timeline of what to expect during the next 30 days. Here is a snap shot for what to expect during week 2.

Day 8-9: For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER. 
Days 10-11: The Hardest Days.
Days 12-15: Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie. 
Read here for more detail on each of these:
They say that most people quit the whole30 on days 9-11. The newness of the program has worn off, you have yet to feel any of the “good” benefits and just plane want to eat a freaking sourdough loaf! BUT I am here to tell you, you will NOT regret this journey. Please don’t give up so easy. You can thank yourself in a matter of weeks. It will fly by.
Now on to your week 2 meal plan and prep:
Sunday: food perp day! Make a crock pot meal for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow! Make a double batch of mayo and batch of ranch. Hard boil 6 eggs for snacks or to eat with meals – roast a whole chicken to shred meat. Place the roasted chicken bones in a crock pot with water, carrots, celery and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to make bone broth (for soup). Once the broth is done tomorrow (it will cook for 24 hours) add half chicken to soup with diced celery, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, parsley, salt and pepper. Save the other half of the chicken for later in week (you can make chicken salad or add to salad etc). Save soup for lunch during the week! Prep your chia puddings – divide recipe and place in mason jars or plastic containers. Each batch of chia pudding makes 3 serviings. I make a double batch so I can have this for 3 days! I will post a how to tomorrow with directions for chia pudding
Sunday Meal 1: eggs, bacon, sweet potato mash
meal 2: left overs from the week
meal 3: crock pot ropa vieja with cauliflower rice http://paleomg.com/crockpot-ropa-vieja-cuban-style-rice/

Monday: meal 1: chia pudding with berries and almonds
meal 2: left over ropa vieja with califlower rice
Tuesday: meal 1: chia pudding with berries and almonds
meal 2: chicken veggie soup, half an avocado and fruit
meal 3: grilled steaks and green bean potato tomato salad
Wednesday: meal 1: pork sausage with sweet potatoes egg muffins
meal 2 left over steak and potato salad
meal 3: chicken veggie curry with cauliflower rice
Thursday: meal 1: pork sausage and sweet potatoes egg cups
meal 2: left overs from the week (soup or curry or mushroom)
meal 3: spaghetti squash with tomato meat sauce and sauteed squash
Friday: meal 1: egg cups
 meal 2: left over meat sauce and veggies with half an avocado
 meal 3: taco stuffed potatoes  http://www.rubiesandradishes.com/2013/12/07/easy-slow-cooker-taco-meat/ for the slow cooker taco meat. Then bake your potatoes and add taco fix-ens (of course minus the cheese and sour cream)
Meal 1: smashed potato with egg, bacon and hollandaise
Meal 2: taco meat salad with homemade ranch and salsa
Meal 3: cracklin chicken with broccoli http://nomnompaleo.com/post/74180911762/cracklin-chicken
Meal 1: repeat from Saturday
Meal 2: left over cracklin chicken salad in lettuce cup OR EAT OUT! Try “in and out” burger Animal style with mustard and grilled onions or even chipotle salad with double meat, salsa and guacamole!
Meal 3: Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce and roasted vegetables.
All of the above meals can include a 4th meal (aka snack) just make sure it includes a fruit/veggie and a protein. NOTE: If you are still hungry once you have eaten your meal, you are NOT eating enough. Be sure to get enough good fats. Include avocado or compliant nuts to your meal. This will help sustain you. Also, make sure you are eating enough protein with your meal!!! 
I have separated the grocery store and Costco lists. However you can combined them if you are only going to one grocery list.
Grocery list-
Chia seeds (I usually buy a large bag at Costco)
Coconut milk (I order from amazon)
5 Bananas
Berries (mixed berries or whatever looks good. I do a combo of strawberries and blueberries)
Slivered almonds
1 large Spaghetti squash
Red curry paste
2lb chuck roast (beef)
1lb of chicken breast – boneless skinless
1lb of chicken thighs – WITH SKIN! you can take the bone out. I will show you how on next weeks blog post.
1 lb ground pork
1 jar of capers (found in the pickle isle check for no sugar)
Red potatoes (5lb bag is usually cheaper, if you have some from last week, you should have enough)
2 sweet potatoes
Bell peppers (yellow and red 2 of each)
Portobello mushroom caps x 6
4 zucchini
a bunch of flat leaf parsley
a bunch of cilantro
a bunch of dill  (the last 3 items, only if the herbs you bought last week don’t look good. They may appear lighter green color and smell a little bad. If that’s the case, replace them)
cherry tomatoes
This is the list of spices you will need for all of these recipes. Check you pantry first before buying new spices, as you might already have them on hand.
Dried oregano
Dried thyme
bay leaf
onion and garlic powder
cayenne pepper
chili powder
black pepper 
dried coriander 
crushed red pepper (only if you want your taco meat to be spicy)
Costco List- (check last weeks ingredients to make sure you are not double buying stuff you may already have)
Avocado oil
Cauliflower x 2 (it comes already cut into floweretts)
Steaks (I buy rib eye)
Whole chicken (you are going to roast this and use the meat and bones for chicken soup)
Ground beef
Green beans
Remember: This list and meal plan does not need to be followed exactly. You can switch it around or stray from it. As long as you are sticking strictly to the whole30
 guidelines. Every week should get a bit more easy for you.
Cheers to a great week 2!

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