Whole30 the final days

This round of whole30 was my 4th. Every round for me has gotten easier and easier. I generally know what to expect from my body. I understand that the first few days will seem easy, then I will feel like I was hit by a mac truck (sugar detox after Christmas, is no joke!) Then I will start to feel amazing and ride the thing through the last weeks. My jeans starting to get loose, my cravings diminishing, my excitement to try new recipes, my skin clearing up, are all reasons I stay motivated. But I must say there was a different motivation this round.. My husband.. He is doing this round with me and totally rocking it! I wish he would have taken before pictures. He did take measurements, so that should be enough proof. But he has totally gotten rid of his 2 Rock stars a day habit and lost a few belt notches along with it.

I really wanted to make sure we didn’t get board with the food we were eating this round. So at the beginning I made a goal to try a new recipe a week. That was fun for me. But I love being in the kitchen. I made a few recipes that I wont make again, but made more and more that I will be adding to our weekly meal plans!

Wednesday will be day 31. I don’t know what day 31 means for us. But I will likely continue on for a whole40 at least. That takes me up to February 13th. And because February 14th is a day of all things chocolate, I fully intend on finding these and indulging. In maybe a few!

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Evernote Camera Roll 20150201 205131

Because if I’m going to indulge, it must be VERY good chocolate. A trip to Whole foods is definitely on my “To do” list this week. I don’t usually crave chocolate, but this round I did.. Not just any chocolate though. I wanted a hunk of great quality dark chocolate. So we will see how it goes. If chocolate is the first thing I re-introduce, I’m hoping it doesn’t give me a terrible reaction. That would be horrible. ha!

Here is our meal plan for the last two days of our whole30
Meal 1 – Chia pudding with mixed berries and sliced almonds
Meal 2 – Left over steak and vegetables
Meal 3 – Pork Chops with asparagus and coleslaw
Meal 1 – fried eggs with complaint bacon and mixed berries
Meal 2 – Chicken vegetable soup
Meal 3 – Spicy tuna cakes with roasted vegetables
Here is the recipe for the spicy tuna cakes. I’ve been wanting to make them this whole round, so why not finish day 30 with a bang!?
Grocery List –
Chia seeds
coconut milk
mixed berries
shaved almonds
vegetables for chicken soup (carrots, celery, zucchini. What you don’t use in the soup you can roast for Tuesday’s dinner)
1 batch of bone broth (you may have this or you can buy really good quality broth)
4 pork chops
complaint bacon
1 sweet potato
4 lemons
1 jalapano pepper
red pepper flakes
Weather you are following along with our whole30 journey (Congrats at making it) or thinking of starting one of your own (do it!!), I appreciate you joining me. I hope I gave you some kitchen inspiration. I fully intend on blogging about my days, my food, my adventures, my family and all things in my crazy life, moving forward. So please stick around.

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