About Me

I grew up in a house with my mom, grandmother and granddaddy. I was an only child until my father remarried when I was 7. I gained a bonus sister and a few years later a little brother. I for the most part was raised as an only child. I was my moms only child. I did everything with her.  You name it, if my mom was there, I was too. She worked very hard to give me whatever it was I wanted or needed. I always had nice things. In fact, too many. I was admittedly a bit spoiled. I had a nice childhood.

I can remember from the youngest age being self conscious. Maybe it was growing up in a house with my mom and grandmother. They were always on weight watchers or Jenny Craig or slim fast. There was always fake butter, low fat mayonnaise and diet sodas in the fridge. Counting food points, calories, drinking gallons of water were part of the M-O. My mom and grandmother were always active. Jazzercised 4 nights a week for years and years. Yet always struggled with weight. In fact, all of the woman in my family have. Maybe its hereditary? Who knows, but I realize that if I don’t do things differently, I may continue to struggle with it myself. And possibly pass it on to my daughter.

I always got along with the older kids. I am not going to blame that on the reason I became pregnant at the young age of 17, but the fact that two of my best friends already had kids at that time might have had a small influence on me. My then boyfriend (who later became my husband then ex-husband) took very good care of us girls. We vowed to never give up on our dream to raise smart, respectful, beautiful children. We struggled from time to time, but had a wonderful support system and a drive that was incomparable to anyone else our age. 5 years after having my daughter we became parents to a beautiful baby boy. These two are my world and give me great purpose.

I managed to struggle with being comfortable at any weight after having two babies. I was fairly young and should have had a calorie burning metabolism. But I didn’t. Maybe it was my taste for fast food or lack of physical activity. Shortly after having my son, I joined the gym at my work. There was a coach who got me interested in running. I had never been a runner however did jazzercise with my mom for years, so I had cardiovascular strength. The coach in the gym explained running would be the most effective way for me to lose my baby weight. So, we started a walking/running plan. My first goal was to run 30 mins uninterrupted. This turned into a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon then a few years later, 3 marathons in 1 year. The running in combination with weight watchers, I was able to lose quite a bit of weight. However I became a bit obsessed with it. A few years later, I experienced the turmoil of a divorce and became borderline anorexic. I hate using that word because I didn’t believe I was suffering from an eating disorder. It was stress, lack of appetite, life catching up with me. I was now a young single mom of two. The weight was heavy on my shoulders, but light on my body. My family was concerned. My friends were concerned. I was concerned.

A few years after this, I met the man I now call my husband. I was still running, but had more of an appetite and was holding onto weight. The comfort of being in a relationship and maybe being a bit lazy. Don’t get me wrong. I was never over weight (technically, according to BMI, I was barely) I was just less motivated. If we fast forward a few years, I was planning a wedding, working full time, and managing a household. I needed to lose weight fast, and easy. Not necessarily the best for my body. Using a few conventional methods that strictly cut my calories, I was able to feel comfortable in my wedding dress and in a two piece bathing suite for our Puerto Rician honeymoon. Needless to say, I gained the weight back, plus some. Then something happened that (5 years ago) I was entirely convinced, wouldn’t. I became pregnant with baby number 3.

I was no longer in the mind frame of needing to lose weight for a wedding or a honeymoon, I was in the mind frame of eat the whole box of frosted flakes, and eat the whole super sized french fry. Before I knew it, I weighed more then 200 lbs. The most I had ever weighed in my life. Just the number itself was enough to get me upset. Let alone the huge clothing and over sized feet that couldn’t fit into flip flops. After I had my second son (3rd child) in June 2013, I didn’t quiet get motivated until January 2014. This is when I started running again, and started focusing on the food I was eating. From January 2104 to May 2014, I managed to lose all but the stubborn last 10 pounds everyone tends to have an issue with. That’s where the book “It starts with food” comes in. The books focuses on fresh, organic, produce and meats. Its an elimination diet. Eliminating dairy, sugar, and anything that I would normally crave. But because I tend to be a highly motivated person once I put my mind to something, I decided I would put myself up for the 30 day challenge. During the 30 days I was able to drop 2 pant sizes and feel amazing. I was nourishing my body was healthy food. I changed my taste buds to crave fruit. I no longer needed ketchup or creamer. It was great. I didn’t count calories, or weigh myself 2 times a day. It was a diet like no other!

Until my birthday, then our Hawaii vacation, then the aftermath of vacation, then Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years……

This leads me to today.. January 1st 2015… The day I start planning my third round of Whole30… The day I stop saying “Tomorrow”. The day I am making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. Consistently. Not just a week at a time. I need to do this for my health, for my husbands health. The health of our relationship. The health of my children. All because we deserve to be the healthiest beings possible. Now this doesn’t mean that we won’t indulge in ice cream on a hot summer evening. Or won’t enjoy nachos and an icee at the ball park. But it means that most nights we will nourish our bodies with the best we can.. So that we can indulge.. when life calls for it.

I have committed to starting my third round on Monday the 5th.. I will plan my week, make shopping lists, shop and prep this upcoming weekend and be ready for a successful round 3. I have also committed to blogging my whole journey. In support of family I have in Utah, who want to join the journey but need a little support and assistance. Come back often as I will post my shopping lists, menus, recipes and how to’s.

This blog is dedicated to the men and women who have made me the strong woman I am today..
My beautiful, loving mom, Dona
My hard working dad, Chuck
My 1st best friend and baby daddy, Jason
My comedy, my fear, my strength, my daughter, Shelby
My passion, my loyalty, my son, Miles
My challenge, my joy, my son, Paxton
My husband, my best friend, my biggest supporter and love of my life… Jeremy!

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, an expert, or a grammar student. I am a passionate person who believes strongly in sharing my journey and what I believe in.. I will make mistakes, I will spell words wrong and use incorrect grammar.. But I will do my best to make this blog a positive, helpful, interesting place to come. Enjoy!

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