Whole30 the final days

This round of whole30 was my 4th. Every round for me has gotten easier and easier. I generally know what to expect from my body. I understand that the first few days will seem easy, then I will feel like I was hit by a mac truck (sugar detox after Christmas, is no joke!) Then I will start to feel amazing and ride the thing through the last weeks. My jeans starting to get loose, my cravings diminishing, my excitement to try new recipes, my skin clearing up, are all reasons I stay motivated. But I must say there was a different motivation this round.. My husband.. He is doing this round with me and totally rocking it! I wish he would have taken before pictures. He did take measurements, so that should be enough proof. But he has totally gotten rid of his 2 Rock stars a day habit and lost a few belt notches along with it.

I really wanted to make sure we didn’t get board with the food we were eating this round. So at the beginning I made a goal to try a new recipe a week. That was fun for me. But I love being in the kitchen. I made a few recipes that I wont make again, but made more and more that I will be adding to our weekly meal plans!

Wednesday will be day 31. I don’t know what day 31 means for us. But I will likely continue on for a whole40 at least. That takes me up to February 13th. And because February 14th is a day of all things chocolate, I fully intend on finding these and indulging. In maybe a few!

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Because if I’m going to indulge, it must be VERY good chocolate. A trip to Whole foods is definitely on my “To do” list this week. I don’t usually crave chocolate, but this round I did.. Not just any chocolate though. I wanted a hunk of great quality dark chocolate. So we will see how it goes. If chocolate is the first thing I re-introduce, I’m hoping it doesn’t give me a terrible reaction. That would be horrible. ha!

Here is our meal plan for the last two days of our whole30
Meal 1 – Chia pudding with mixed berries and sliced almonds
Meal 2 – Left over steak and vegetables
Meal 3 – Pork Chops with asparagus and coleslaw
Meal 1 – fried eggs with complaint bacon and mixed berries
Meal 2 – Chicken vegetable soup
Meal 3 – Spicy tuna cakes with roasted vegetables
Here is the recipe for the spicy tuna cakes. I’ve been wanting to make them this whole round, so why not finish day 30 with a bang!?
Grocery List –
Chia seeds
coconut milk
mixed berries
shaved almonds
vegetables for chicken soup (carrots, celery, zucchini. What you don’t use in the soup you can roast for Tuesday’s dinner)
1 batch of bone broth (you may have this or you can buy really good quality broth)
4 pork chops
complaint bacon
1 sweet potato
4 lemons
1 jalapano pepper
red pepper flakes
Weather you are following along with our whole30 journey (Congrats at making it) or thinking of starting one of your own (do it!!), I appreciate you joining me. I hope I gave you some kitchen inspiration. I fully intend on blogging about my days, my food, my adventures, my family and all things in my crazy life, moving forward. So please stick around.

Missing in action

Today is Sunday… Its also a pretty big football day. Although I don’t really care much for football. I do watch the Super bowl for the commercials. The TV was on in the background so I could keep up with who was winning.. While I am not a huge football fan, I am a huge fan of football watching party food. In fact, I love nothing more then dips, chips, cheese, wings, crispy, greasy, finger foods… But because today is my day 28 on the whole30, there would be no partaking in the guilt ridden food fest. Instead, I made a delicious crispy, crunchy, creamy, bubbly meal. Which we sat down at the dinner table to eat, as a family.

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This coleslaw couldn’t be easier to make. Just took a half head of cabbage and sliced thin, 2 carrot’s grated, 2 spoonful’s of homemade mayonnaise, a dash of vinegar, some salt, pepper and caraway seeds. Let sit in the fridge for 2 hours before eating.

Here is the link (again) for the cracklin chicken. If you have yet to make it, add this to your meal plan for this next weekend. You will not be sorry!


I’ve been a bit missing in action this last week. My hubby was out of town all week for work. Which means more pick ups and drop offs. More cooking while holding a toddler. More of everything. Which leads to a pretty exhausted mama. That said, I didn’t have much time to log on and blog, before I fell asleep on the couch trying to catch up on my shows.

Rest assured, I stayed on plan all week. AND so did my hubby. He rocked the whole30 while traveling. Its a bit intimidating for him, but he asked lots of questions about what he was ordering and made sure the restaurant’s he ate at, were cooking his food in olive oil with none of the junky stuff. He came home looking like a new man.. He has dropped a few belt loops, his skin looks so supple and he has kicked his energy drink habit for good! (I am so proud)

Here are few shots of what was on my dinner table this week..

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Veggie packed ground beef chili with avocado and black olives

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We did eat out one night. I asked for my steak cooked with no butter. And vegetables cooked in olive oil.

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The sun was out in full force this week, so it called for a few tropical smoothies. These were made with coconut milk, banana, mango, strawberries and pineapple.

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I started to feel a bit under the weather, so I broke out my homemade bone broth. I’ve been drinking a few cups of this a day. In combination with my essential oils. I’m hoping to nip it in the bud before it gets bad. Here are the essential oils I’ve been using non-stop the last two days.


A drop of Thieves goes under my tongue, and on the bottom of my feet, every two hours. This helps my immune system and kill any nasty bug I might have. I’m also diluting Thieves with coconut oil and putting on the babies feet to make sure he doesn’t catch whatever it is.


I rub a drop of lemon on my throat/neck area and drink 2 drops in hot water several times a day.

images (1)

Breath again is a combination of oils that helps with congestion. I use it on my nose to help me breath, as well as on my chest.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new week ahead!


Week 4 meal plan and prep – plus grocery list

I’ve been missing the last few days (super busy). But rest assured we have stayed on track. Even skipped our eating night out and settled for fajita bowls at home. I love that we decided to eat in. The meal was super easy. I took a green and yellow bell pepper (Because I didnt have a red one) sauteed it with an onion then added sliced flank steak, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper. Topped it all with mashed avocado. It was satisfying and delicious!

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Last night we had a little celebration dinner. Celebrating our 20th day of whole30. Because why not celebrate 20 days of clean eating? I totally think its celebrate worthy.

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I posted on Friday night, about the slow cooker beef short ribs. Well I cooked them over night for 11 hours, took them out of the cooking liquid and put them in the fridge then re-heated them for dinner last night. It allowed me to take most of the fat from the ribs, off. Which made me feel a bit better. I served the short ribs with a super creamy cauliflower mash.

This week is week 4 and our final full week of our whole30. As next week we will only be eating on plan through Wednesday. But let me preface this. Even though we will not be on an actual round of whole30, we will continue to eat this way. Allowing ourselves a few meals a week to splurge. Here is what I have planned for this week. Because most of the following meals are simple with little prep required, I wont have to spend too much time in the kitchen today. The only thing I am making ahead of time, is my beloved chia pudding.

Monday –
Meal 1 – chia pudding with mixed berries and almonds
Meal 2 – left over crackling chicken and asparagus
Meal 3 – spaghetti squash with meat sauce and zucchini
Tuesday –
Meal 1 – chia pudding with mixed berries and almonds
Meal 2 – left over spaghetti squash with meat sauce and zucchini (for the hubby, as I will be eating out this day.. it will be fully compliant!)
Meal 3 – The perfect burger – out of the paleo kitchen cook book (essentially its just an all beef patty atop a tomato slice, lettuce, pickle with avocado mash and fried parsnip chips on top. I will blog about my parsnip chip adventure once I am done making them)
Wednesday –
Meal 1 – chia pudding with mixed berries and almonds
Meal 2 – left over burger with garnish 
Meal 3 – pork chops with coleslaw (I use this recipe for my pork chops http://www.planksloveandguacamole.com/2014/03/paleo-marinades-5-ways.html
Thursday –
Meal 1 – chia pudding with mixed berries and almonds
Meal 2 – left over pork chop with coleslaw
Meal 3 – smoky bacon chili paleomg recipe http://paleomg.com/smoky-bacon-chili/
Friday –
Meal 1 – scrambled eggs with onion, peppers and red potatoes hash with complaint bacon
Meal 2 – left over smoky bacon chili
Meal 3 – Eat out? Possibly sushi (no rice or soy) Or chipotle?
Saturday –
Meal 1 – scrambled eggs with onion, peppers and red potatoes hash with complaint bacon
Meal 2 – left over smoky bacon chili 
Meal 3 – Salmon with grilled vegetables
Sunday –
Meal 1 – scrambled eggs with onion, peppers and red potatoes hash with complaint bacon
Meal 2 -smoky bacon chili
Meal 3 – Grilled steak with brussels sprout salad and grilled veggies
Grocery List:
1 Larger spaghiti squash
1 lb ground pork
1 jar of complaint marinara sauce
complaint bacon
2 zuchinni
avocado x 6
ground beef x 2
2 red onions
2 yellow onions
2 red bell peppers
2 green bell peppers
2 medium size parsnips
brussels sprouts
1 orange
1 pomegranate
1 can fire roasted tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 head of cabbage
mixed berries
coconut milk
chia seeds
You will need the following spices for the chili and pork chops, but likely have them already on hand.
garlic powder
chili powder
smoked paprika
cayenne pepper
dried thyme
If you are following along on this whole30 journey, you are likely noticing a lot of health benefits. Just because you are nearing the end, does not mean you cant make it the whole 30 days. Yes, you have made it 21 days… But 21 days is not 30.. So stick through the next 9 days.. You never know, you may notice the most change in these last final days. You are worth it!

Busy Friday

Going to keep it short and sweet tonight.. I’ve had a super busy day of running around and really just want to get to sleep.. But first there is this…..


These are beef short ribs. One of my favorite dinners to order when we are at a nice resturant. But tonight I made nom nom paleos recipe for Korean style short ribs. They will be ready tomorrow morning (I’ll serve them for dinner) after cooking in the slow cooker for 11 hours. Already my mouth is watering!


Find the the recipe I used here: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/3762844557/slow-cooker-korean-grass-fed-short-ribs

And stay tuned to see how these beauties turn out!


Feeling Alive!

The corned beef I made this past weekend is nearly gone. Both my husband and I have eaten it for breakfast every day this week (except yesterday when I skipped breakfast)

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I like eating the corned beef hash for breakfast because its an easy way to get veggies in first thing in the morning. Its also very sustaining. However I miss the chia pudding allot. I am pretty much a creature of habit and could eat the same exact thing for breakfast and never get tired of it. I really wanted to make sure my husband didn’t get board of the food we were eating this round, but he requested it too. Score! So this happened..

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My second meal of the day was a big fat cup of chicken vegetable soup. I shared my recipe on yesterday’s post. So this weekend, go buy yourself a whole chicken. Roast it and use the bones for bone broth! You will not be sorry!

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Tonight after dinner I processed the bone broth that I started last night. Because I already have a batch of chicken vegetable soup in the fridge, I will freeze half of this batch and sip the rest… Yep, right out of a coffee cup… because it heals my gut.. and that is just enough reason for me.

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On the menu for this evenings meal was rib eye steaks with Brussels sprout salad. Looks familiar right? We did serve this for dinner on Saturday night, but its just that good. I could eat it every other night (I did say creature of habit right?!?)

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Here is the recipe for the salad

2 cups raw shredded Brussels sprouts, 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds, 4 slices cooked chopped bacon (read your labels and make sure to buy a sugar free brand), 2oz orange juice, 2oz avocado oil, 5 dashes of fish sauce (very technical term ha!), 1oz coconut vinegar (or white wine vinegar), Short dash of sesame oil, Salt and pepper. Combined and let set in fridge for an hour before serving. This salad holds up over night too! And it is delish!

I also made a batch of my lovely deviled eggs with homemade mayo. They are perfect for a quick protein snack or add to any meal. And they are addicting..

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I hard boil my eggs perfectly every time. This is what I do: Place eggs in cold water just covering the eggs. Place on flame and bring to rapid boil. Once boiling, turn off heat, cover the pot and let sit for 19 mins exactly. Once 19 mins is up, cool immediately with cold water and shell. To make the deviled eggs I use cornichons (mini gherkins, which do not use sugar in the pickling process), capers, green scallions, Dijon mustard (check your labels again for no sugar brand), salt, pepper and homemade mayo (sometimes Ill add fresh dill if I have it on hand). Mash it all together and spoon in your eggs.

Its easy to make the homemade mayo part too! I use a wide mouth mason jar and a stick immersion blender.

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Add one room temperature egg (preferably pasteurized because this is not going to be cooked) the juice from half of a lemon (possibly a full lemon if your fruit is not putting much juice out) 1/2 tsp mustard powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper and 1 cup of avocado oil. Put everything in a wide mouth mason jar in that order. Place the stick blender in until touching the bottom and pulse for 5 seconds until you see a fluffy cloud start to appear. Then slowly move the wand up until everything is combined. It happens in no more then 20 second.

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This could be used in this egg recipe, in tuna salad, chicken salad, potato salad, on vegetables. It can also be made into ranch dressing. YUM! Do not be afraid of trying new things.. It might even change your mind on the stuff your used to!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! On my meal plan, its planned to eat out for dinner however I think we decided we are going to skip it and eat in.. Not sure what Ill make yet.. But cant wait for the weekend…


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I rushed out of the house this morning to get my daughter to school and meet a friend for a walk before we took the little’s to story time at the library and park play after. With that said, I did not eat breakfast. I grabbed a banana with the intention to share it with the baby, but we didn’t break into it. I did pick up an Americano, but that hardly counts as nutrition let alone sustenance. When you are on an eating plan like the whole30, you count on your first meal to give you the energy to power through the first part of your day. More times then not, my first meal will sustain me until later in the afternoon. So needless to say I was starving when we got home from the park. Because we devoured the chicken chili from last night, I didn’t have anything quick. I did have my homemade chicken bone broth and shredded chicken. So I decided to put together a batch of chicken vegetable soup. Its so easy to do, anyone could do it. The flavor you get from so few ingredients is incredible. All you need is one surprise ingredient. FISH SAUCE! Honestly it makes all the difference in the soup world!

Take 8 cups of homemade Organic chicken bone broth and 2 cups of water. Bring it to a boil. Add 2 TBSP salt and 2 TBSP fish sauce (I use red boat brand as it only contains anchovy and sea salt. Some brands do include sugar, so read your labels) Add 4 cups of mixed chopped vegetables. I used zucchini, celery, a handful of parsley, carrots, green beans and half an onion.

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One can of organic diced tomatoes

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And about 3 cups of cooked diced chicken

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I let it all simmer for about 20 mins and enjoyed a bowl full of deliciousness!

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Now lets chat dinner. This recipe is one I started making my first round of whole30. Mind you, that’s the round I did on my own. So to make this recipe for the family was a bit of a stretch. However it lasted and makes an appearance often. Now, ill be honest. Its probably a dinner you want to make on a weekend, because you do need to de-bone and pound flat the chicken thighs (You could buy boneless thighs, however the bones are perfect to use in bone broth. So I de-bone myself BUT keep the skin. That’s what makes this chicken the BOMB)

Evernote Camera Roll 20150121 204343 (2)

Trim the access fat on the sides and pat dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle with salt then add to a frying pan heated hot with some avocado oil.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150121 204343 (3)

I use a splatter guard to help save some time cleaning my store top. Fry this chicken until its golden brown. Here’s the trick though… Do not flip it until that skin is CRISPY! Before you flip, sprinkle the meat side with a garlic seasoning (I use Flavor god because it doesn’t contain sugar and is really yummy) Flip the chicken and cook on the other side until the chicken is cooked through. Maybe 5 or 6 more mins. Then place on a rack until ready to serve for dinner. Now another tip.. Make a double batch of this chicken. Or maybe even a triple batch… Because its really that good!

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Here is the original recipe with more detailed instructions!


And to get the flavor god seasoning go here!



I almost lost a finger today…..

Last night I made a staple for our house. Spaghetti squash and zucchini with Italian sausage and marinara sauce. I can whip it up in nearly minuets and everyone loves it. I don’t even have to make a separate pot of noodles (for the kids) anymore. Usually I buy a pretty pricey bottle of sugar free marinara sauce at my local grocery. But I found these large bottles at Costco for about $8 bucks for two. It was a total win!! Best tasting sauce I’ve had so far!

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Today is day 16 of my January whole30 and as easy as it seems this go round, the last two days I’ve just been kinda off. Not much of an appetite at all. Although today I forced myself to eat. I had some of the corned beef hash I prepped this weekend, with a fried egg on top. (Even though I’m missing chia pudding this week)

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I had left overs for my second meal then made a REALLY good chili for third meal. This is the recipe I followed (although I didn’t have a red bell pepper so I used a yellow on instead.. Improvise people, its not that hard!) Oh and I almost chopped my pointer finger off while chopping an onion. Be VERY careful, accidents do happen in the kitchen!


Evernote Camera Roll 20150120 201302

If you are just starting your whole30 journey, weight loss journey or healthy eating journey, remember prepping food on the weekend when you do have time is the easiest way to save time during the week. This chili recipe called from uncooked chicken, however I used the chicken I roasted on Sunday and it added a wonderful roasted flavor, plus saved me time chopping and cooking chicken tonight. I was able to put this chili recipe together in about a half an hour. Sadly there are no left overs. Luckily we have plenty of stuff in the fridge to eat for lunch tomorrow!